Friday, 27 January 2012

Loudicrous Louquacioness.

One potent litmus test to determine the quality of life in any society is the evaluating of the way it treats its senior members:
  • Fantastic? Loving, focused on the lofty, dismissive of everything banal and venal.
  • Lukewarm? the point of being callous.
  • Hateful? Flippant, cavalier, preoccupied with the veneer not the substance, as Sodom and Gomorrah were.
Senior Citizens are worth their weight in silk -whatever value Trinbago today possesses is due mainly to their sterling contribution. Thus, by right, they deserve to be accorded SC honour and glory -Senior Citizens...Sterling Contribution, d'oh!

But His Worship, the Mayor of Port of Spain, Louis Lee Sing, is opposed to anything of the sort -he's insisting all T&T SCs must pay their way. (See:,154332.html.)

Perhaps His Worship confused SCs who are worth their weight in silk with SCs who are waited upon because they wear silk?

Or maybe His Worship is just being Loudicrous?

Either way, it's worth doing a simple analysis to determine whether our innate SCs deserve the privileges SCs in the developed world take for granted.

As always, a picture is worth a thousand words, so, here goes:
And that's based on just silk, eh? Which is far less than how our SCs ought to be measured -in gold.

In closing, it's better for His Worship to direct his Louquacious energies towards whipping his Corporation into shape, for, last time I did an efficiency evaluation of the place, for every dollar spent, value received in return hovered around twenty-two cents.

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