Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ringing a bell for the wise rather than the foolish.

Re:,132550.html,wherein Stuart Bell, of St. James, proclaims that:

"indeed [the basic] peril of our that the major decision on who is to be voted into power is left to the uninformed, the fickle, the prejudiced, who are all bereft of the fundamental ideas as to socio-economic development, in an election process influenced by those who have the gold. Hence those elected from a vast pool of aspiring politicians (an indication of the skill set required to be elected) are not there because of their understanding of the social and economic problems we face, or what to do in these circumstances. Hence the elected ones satisfy the basic needs of their supporters via handouts, subsidies etc that may be in conflict with good social and economic governance."

In other words, Stuart is making an appeal for noocracy [government by the "highly intelligent or educated"] to replace the democratic system now followed. Noocracy was first propounded by Pythagoras.

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