Saturday, 18 April 2009

Gasping for Patrick.

Haven't seen any of the hardcopy editions as yet, but, did anyone else notice that --up to the instant of this missive-- in the today's online versions of the Trinidad Express and the Trinidad Guardian and the Trinidad Newsday, NOT A SINGLE picture of our esteemed Prime Minister, Patrick Augustus Manning, appears, even though he is the Chairman of the Fifth Summit of The Americas that began yesterday down at the exorbitantly-revamped Port of Spain waterfront? Could it be that the Trinidad Fourth Estate is finally awakening, thus, too, finally smelling the rancid coffee that said esteemed Prime Minister has been brewing for a dim-witted populace?

Gasp! Also, did anyone else notice that, ibidem --as if deliberately-intended to rub salt into the above-described wound-- said Newsday, to graphically enhance its lengthy article about the latter's lengthy opening address to said Summit --"Manning: Let's be friends",98663.html-- used a photo of Nicaraguan President, His Excellency Daniel Ortega, instead of one of said esteemed Prime Minister?

Gasp!! Where are you, Patrick?

Maybe, by now, hustling from the barber's to lodge a protest?

Eh, Kyle boy? (